Trisagion (Thrice Holy)

The Trisagion (Thrice Holy) is a hymn from the Divine Liturgy of the Orthodox Church. It is an ancient Christian prayer that goes like this:
“Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us”.

It’s seven in the morning and I still can’t get to sleep
I’m lying face down on my pillow and I wet it with my tears

I want to be with my Jesus and I’m trying hard to pray
But the words they won’t come easy so I can only say:

Lift me up, Holy, lift me up, Mighty, lift me up, Immortal,
have mercy on me.

Oh please make me a river that’s flowing down to You
Or You can let me be your sailor and I’ll sing this with my crew:

Raise my sails, Holy, raise my sails, Mighty, raise my sails, Immortal,
have mercy on me.

And when our sailing’s over we’ll see the shining land
And then we’ll run to you like children barefoot in the golden sand.

Walk with me, Holy, walk with me, Mighty, walk with me, Immortal,
have mercy on me.

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